Tell us all about you!

  • What products do you sell?

  • Where do you sell them, and where would you like to?

  • Who are your customers, and what new customers would you like to reach?

  • What does your brand stand for, and how should this be presented to your customers?

Get connected

Once we know a little about each other, we can get started with an integration. This is really quick and simple; we can integrate our bespoke inventory and order management software with pretty much every website, e-commerce site and platform. An integration is 100% safe and secure, and can be completed within a few hours. 

Once an integration is live, we will test this securely to make sure everything works perfectly.

We will work with you to upload all your products into our catalogue, either via an up-link or a flat file upload.

Our team will ask for all the information we need, such as:

  1. How do you want your products packaged? Do you have any special packaging – stickers, tissue paper, custom boxes?

  2. What would you like on your delivery paperwork? We will customise this to show your logo, contact information, returns policy and any other detail you would like to be included

  3. What delivery services do you offer? We can dispatch orders on any delivery service that is required, either by providing our own postal and courier services or, if you prefer, using your existing postage or courier accounts using the services you require – Tracked, Signed For, 24-Hour, Standard, First Class – you name it!

Start selling!

Once all your products are loaded, the integration is tested, your stationery is approved and we know exactly how you would like your products dispatched, we are good to go!

As soon as the integration goes LIVE we will start receiving your online orders through your website directly to our inventory and order management system. You still receive your orders, can approve or suspend them as needs be, so only completed and paid for orders reach us when they are ready for dispatching.


We pick the item(s) your customer has ordered, pack them to your specification, print your stationery with your delivery note details, and package the order just how you like them to be. The order is shipped on the service you have chosen, on the delivery option your customer has selected – and that is it!